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About Our Proprietary Source Classification Labeling System

In the current post-truth era that we all live in it is becoming increasingly difficult to successfully navigate the world of media.

To make the task easier we have applied years of our editorial knowledge to come up with a proprietary labeling system that helps you get the most of the news that we bring you daily.

We specifically apply the following labels to distinguish mostly objective news from various private as well as government propaganda sources:

  • Neutral – generally balanced media sources which are transparent about their ownership and funding, give a space for different or opposing views or those which are not significantly politically biased, such as the Associated Press or Reuters.
  • Public broadcasters – public broadcasters and news agencies largely financed by the state but with editorial independence, such as Channel News Asia or BBC. These publishers should be neutral, governments should not exert editorial control over these broadcasters. Their content should not have a pro-government bias, otherwise they will be labeled as pro-government or government propaganda.
  • Gov’t institutions – official governmental bodies such as the U.S. Department of Education, and intergovernmental organizations such as the World Health Organization.
  • Pro-government – outlets displaying moderate pro-government bias, often found in limited media freedom environments. They can be under direct government’s influence or subject to interference in editorial policy and self-censorship, such as Al Jazeera or Hurriyet Daily News.
  • Gov’t propaganda – outlets that directly or indirectly serve the interests of a specific government and spread overt pro-government propaganda, including false, radical, and hateful narratives, such as Xinhua or Fars News Agency.
  • Right-wing – publishers with a decisive right-wing bias. They may support right-wing political groups and will promote right-wing issues including social conservatism, free market economics and nationalism in some instances. These include The Daily Mail and FOX News.
  • Center-right – publishers with moderate right-wing or conservative leanings, who despite some bias, still publish neutral or ‘opposing’ views such as the National Post or the Boston Herald.
  • Left-wing – publishers with a decisive left-wing bias, supporting left-wing political groups and promoting left-wing issues, social liberalism, left wing economics, anti capitalism, anti-imperialism and nationalism in some instances. These include World Socialist Web Site or Greenpeace International.
  • Center-left – publishers with moderate left-wing or liberal leanings, who despite some bias, still publish neutral or ‘opposing’ views; such as The Guardian or Le Monde.
  • Uncategorized – publications which do not fit into the above category structure. They may be unreliable, conflicting, or not provide enough information about funding and ownership to verify their position.
  • Pending – awaiting review.

If you feel that we haven't properly categorized a certain news source please let us know.

How the Sources are Categorized