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About Perspectify

Why Perspectify

The news industry is facing challenges such as transparency issues, declining credibility, and commercial pressures. While pockets of good journalism remain, the industry as a whole is under threat.

As a result, hyper-partisan and commercialized media are growing, and the world is seeing a dangerous rise in propaganda and an influx of misinformation that is deliberately and strategically finding its way into many media outlets. Pushing back against these trends is part of our core ethos.

It is really difficult for the average news consumer to find reliable, fact-based sources, but consumers are very hungry for that. Perspectify is here to satisfy that craving.

To assess the potential bias and reliability of the news sources we monitor, we've established a labeling system that highlights possible biases, credibility, and ownership. When assigning labels, we consider factors such as ownership, funding, content, affiliations, and media independence.

It's vital to help citizens understand the motives behind a news source and its owners. Are these owners aiming for impartial news or driven by business and political interests? Are they promoting a foreign government's agenda at the expense of another nation's citizens?

That’s why we provide our users with comprehensive media outlet ownership information, accompanied by relevant statistics such as the publication's founding year, country of origin, owner's identity, and other pertinent data. This information assesses the reliability. legitimacy, and potential bias of a given publication.

Every single one of us is a consumer of news, whether it be on television, radio, newspapers, magazines, podcasts, the internet, or social media. Once we read or hear a news report, we often discuss it with other people in our lives or post our own narrative on social media. If you are believing fake news to be the truth, you are only further disseminating misinformation and it spreads like wildfire.

Use Perspectify When…

  • Wanting to become a wiser consumer of news.
  • Citing sources in research papers, speeches, news articles, press releases, presentations, publications, and more to verify credited sources are fact-based to uphold your own credibility and reputation professionally.
  • Buying advertising in specific publications that could violate your company ethos.
  • Advising clients on media outlets to grant interviews to and preparing them for interviews.
  • Teaching students about media transparency.

How To Use Perspectify

  1. Go to
  2. Confirm your email address. No password required.
  3. Search Perspectify’s news index with a keyword of your choosing.
  4. Filter by applying the labels you’d like to see, such as all results, left-wing, right-wing, neutral, etc.
  5. Select if you’d like to see the results in one or two columns.
  6. Save your query if you’d like to receive a daily news digest by email with the latest news about that topic. You can also use this feature to receive alerts when your name, business, or organization is mentioned in the news.

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