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Public Broadcaster
Gov't Institution
Owner:  German Government
Owner:  Wright Family
Owner:  American Government
Owner:  Mikhail Komissar
Owner:  Tomas Fiala
Owner:  Adnan Kivan
Owner:  Adnan Kivan
Owner:  United States Naval Institute
Owner:  Kyiv Independent Employees
Owner:  Pedro Vargas David & Luís Santos
Owner:  Axel Springer SE
Owner:  Stichting Global Voices
Owner:  Emiliano Ramos & Andrew Wrobel
Owner:  Andrew Perlman and Matt Sechrest
Owner:  Kyiv Independent Employees

Learn About Our Fact-Based Labeling System

The Perspectify search results feature our proprietary bias labeling classification. We assign a political bias label to each publication. The publication's bias label is indicated next to its articles. When choosing a label for a publication, factors we take into consideration include, but are not limited to: ownership, funding, content, affiliations, and media freedom environment.