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Perspectify Source Labeling

How the Sources are Categorized

In the current post-truth era that we all live in it is becoming increasingly difficult to successfully navigate the world of media.

To make the task easier we have applied years of our editorial knowledge and come up with a proprietary labeling system that helps you get the most of the news that we bring you daily.

We specifically apply the following labels to distinguish mostly objective news from various private as well as government propaganda sources:

Classification Key:

  • Public Broadcasters – semi-independent news publishers such as BBC News and PBS, whose operations are primarily financed by democratic governments;
  • Government Propaganda – Xinhua, Russia Today, and the likes that directly serve the governments that founded them;
  • Pro-government Sources – sources not owned or directly sponsored by the government, but displaying bias towards a specific government or a country;
  • Government Institution – official governmental bodies such as the U.S. Department of Education;
  • Right-wing News Sources – news publishers such as Breitbart and FOX News;
  • Left-wing News Sources – World Socialist Web Site, AlterNet and the likes;
  • Neutral Publishers – generally balanced media sources such as the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc.
How the Sources are Categorized